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The Historical Society of Loganville seeks to identify and honor local centenarians, as well as citizens in their 90's.  The list is growing, and the Centenarian Committee seeks information about any one who is living in the Loganville  zip code area who has a 90+ birthday this year.  Please send us an email to: historicalsocietyofloganville@gmail.com

If possible, include the person's information along with your name and a way to contact you. (See next two columns. Needed information in red).

Mrs. Robbie Palmer, Loganville Christian Church Board Chairman, presents corsage to honor Mrs. Katherine Bonar on her 104th birthday.  Ms. Katherine, along with caregiver, Mary DeCara, attend worship service each week as health permits.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Loganville Christian Church

Worship Service

LR Row 1 Seated: Mrs. Katherine Bonar, Dr. Gloria Bienstock, Music Director Loganville Christian Church and President of the Historical Society of Loganville. 

LR Row 2 Standing: Historical Society representatives, Mrs. Shirley Breedlove and Mrs. Janice Tribble; Loganville Christian Church representatives, Mrs. Robbie Palmer and Rev. Doug Watson.

LR Row 3 Standing: Loganville Mayor, Dan Curry, Mr. Harold Tribble, Mr. Luke Garrett, Mrs. Peggy Garrett.

Mrs. Peggy Garrett, representing the Historical Society of Loganville, presents corsage to honor Mrs. Katherine Bonar on her 104th birthday.  Loganville Mayor, Dan Curry, presented a special card and memento, wishing Ms. Katherine birthday greetings from the City of Loganville.