Historical Societyof Loganville

This old log and plank home, torn down in 1976, may have been the oldest building in Loganville.  It was located at 3847 HWY 20 N where the family built a more modern home on the site of the old home place. 

With its "well" defined boundaries, the growing city of Loganville boasts a rich history that quenches the thirst for stories of the past, present, and future.  Once a slogan for  the city "that wishes you well," the symbol refers to the historic well that is situated at the center of town, a common place to rest and reminisce. The people's well is chosen by the Historical Society of Loganville as a thirst-quencher made up of our city's tales and treasures.  The wagon logo welcomes you to journey into Loganville's past.  Though the memories fade, the record remains with us as we remember yesterday, embrace doday, and create tomorrow. 

Growing rapidly, Loganville's City Hall will soon find a new home. Stay tuned!

Exact location of the original church that became Loganville Methodist Church is unclear. The building made of Stone Mountain granite was built on its current site on the corner of Main and Covington Street in the mid 1800's.